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Is your Business behind in this Modern Age?

Most Businesses are still using either Paper, Excel, or Impractical Software. Modernize your business with Simple solutions through our custom Business Solutions software and apps to help you be effective in this growing and changing world.

Tell me More What can CaveTech do for me?

CaveTech makes Web Applications

Web Applications are similar to the apps on your phone or computer. They are there to accomplish one task or goal and to save us some time in the process. Simple easy to use app are what we create at CaveTech. They are custom for your business and accessible everywhere. We also create mobile apps that work with our web based apps to give you more flexibility to do your job on the go. We care about your business operations and about improving the bottom line a day at a time.

Technology to grow your companies future.

  • Simple Web Applications

    We want to develop an experience that defines the most important tasks your employees will be faced with. These tasks are apps that the employee will use on a daily basis.

    Each employees daily tasks are different so we craft the experience around the employee whom is currently logged in.

  • Custom Tailored Solutions

    We work with your employees to develop the experience around your employees unique daily process to complete their job daily.

    This process becomes the most efficent process for your employee who's key experience in the job defines the most efficent path. We take things a step further by making the process more efficient.

  • Multiple Device Solutions

    We want to make certain simple tasks even simplier by providing a mobile solution to tie into the Web Application.

    These options can be used on the field bringing the power of the app to the job site helping the employee perform at their best by equipping them with the tools.

  • Support from Start to End

    We have a dedicated Project Manager and Business Process Developer for you to talk to during the length of the project.

    They are there to identify solutions and provide the best technology has to offer. They are your main point of contact and will help guide you to the best possible solution.

Why Apps?

Most methodologies are to broad and have to many things they can do. It's harder to achieve your goals in a large software package where you have to spend time finding where the tool is to accomplish your job and most importantly how to use it.

That isn't what we do. We embrase the simple 2-3 tasks for every app and the apps should center around your specific job in the company.

Why Custom Apps?

Most companies take the approach of one size fits all to cater to as many customers. This leaves a big problem with the package being too big and not that intuitive. How can you do your job if you are not maximizing your efficiency, effectiveness, and are required to learn and have to be trained just to use the solution?

We shape your experience around your employees job and put the key tools they will need to accomplish their job efficiently and effectively.

Why Technology Solutions?

We know doing the same job twice is inefficient and increasing collaboration increases effectiveness. Technology capitalizes on this principle by only having to enter data once and allowing multiple employees to collaborate a task.

Management is reduced when the employees can manage collaboratively within the app. Training is reduced and simpifying the job helps everyone collectively accomplish more per day.

  • Discovery
  • Research
  • Solutions
  • Support
  • Discovering your Needs

    Everything about your Business is unique from your: Value Proposition, Key Partnerships, Channels, and Key Activities. Your secret formula of how you conduct business is unique and requires a unique solution. We at CaveTech are here to discover your business needs from project start to end.

    How do I start?:
    1. Schedule a free discovery meeting so we can take a look into your business to identify potential areas for improvement.
    2. Follow up with a solutions meeting to review the solutions we recommend for your business.
    3. Our team will develop a solution that fits your needs along with scheduling future meetings to identify more areas of improvement for your business.

  • Technology is vast and offering the best takes Research.

    Research is the most important part of what we do at CaveTech. We search through thousands of possible solutions to curate a combination of technologies that best fits your needs.

    We encourage our clients to: ask questions, weigh options, and make sound decisions through out the whole project. The better picture of your needs the better the end-product. It is easier to address something before implementing that feature into your system.

    What to expect:
    1. We will identify solutions that best fit the needs of your business. We want to find the best technology has to offer for your business.
    2. We will build a plan tying together multiple technologies to offer the best solution.
    3. Avoid any costly challenges by being prepared through research and sound decisions. Technology is complex as requires more focus and precision then a rocket scientist. 

  • Technology is the Key to your Success

    We can offer solutions using the best options that technology offers. We are very creative at coming up with solutions that fit your businesses size and unique needs.

    Our solutions are data driven and easy to use to maximize productivity for the employee's using the system. We care about the solution(s) taking care of the need and bringing value to the business.

    Keys of Success:
    1. Spending time to understand the solution(s) that presented for your consideration.
    2. Providing feedback to correct the scope, feature, and anything needed to increase clarity is crucial. 
    3. Asking questions to further understand if the solution is a good fit is equally important.
    4. Making sound decisions based on the options that are available

  • Support for the Long Term is Crucial

    Having the support you need is very important to keep track of real world factors. The job could change, the scale of how many employees use the system could change, or tomorrow's technology could no longer be supported.

    Technology is to costly not to have the support from the original developers of the end-product. Education of another developers custom system could take hundreds of hours. We always advise our client to prepare early for the areas of: security, documentation, and organization of the end-product.

    Long Term Planning:
    1. Request an After Care Plan and have a yearly plan of areas you wish to improve on.
    2. Be proactive and ask questions to identify any possible future opportunities of improvement.
    3. Schedule monthly conference calls or meetings to touch base on those long term goals.
    4. Request phone, video, or in person support as needed to keep everything up to date and to keep to an upgrade and maintenance schedule.

Let's get to know a bit about your business.
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